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aden+anais White Label

Aden+anais白標柔軟柔軟嬰兒襁褓巾 單個裝 設計式樣: paradise cove · 2019

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paradise cove

aden+anais White Label Silky Soft Swaddle, Single Pack 設計式樣: paradise cove · 2019

White Label – born and raised in Brooklyn.

The new White Label collection delights all parents with a thing for extraordinary designs.

The versatile swaddles by the American manufacturer aden+anais are the ideal accessory for mastering everyday life with a new-born baby – perfect for giving away, cuddling up in and changing your baby on.

Parents all over the world love the silky soft and breathable swaddles made of 100% bamboo fibre muslin. The premium material is particularly breathable, hardwearing, resilient and smooth. The highlight of these swaddles is that the more you wash them the softer and cosier their material gets.

The art of swaddling goes back many generations. aden+anais’ White Label swaddles contain natural muslin that feels super soft on baby’s skin. Their large size of 120 x 120 cm makes it particularly easy for you to swaddle your baby. Being swaddled resembles the familiar feeling your little one had when he was in your womb – thus, he will feel comfortable and be able to sleep peacefully. The breathable material reduces the risk of suffering from hyperthermia.

At the same time, the soft and cuddly blankets can be used in various ways so that they act as a versatile helper that eases everyday life with a baby. You can use the swaddle as a cover for your pram, burp cloth, changing or cuddly blanket or else as a nursing cover. When being rolled up it can be stored in a space-saving size and is always easy to reach.


  • Design: Serengeti
  • Silky soft swaddle in a single Pack
  • Perfect for giving away and collecting
  • Size: 120 x 120 cm
  • Breathable material
  • Material: 100% Rayon made of bamboo fibre
  • Versatile


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    aden+anais White Label
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    paradise cove


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