With the Baby Björn high chair, your little darling is safe and convenient to participate in every meal.
Baby Björn

BabyBjorn 餐椅 設計式樣: Powder pink/Grey · 2020

With the Baby Björn high chair, your little darling is safe and convenient to participate in every meal. 閱讀全文 >

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Powder pink/Grey
產品系列 2020

BabyBjörn Highchair 設計式樣: Powder pink/Grey · 2020

Nowadays in the stressful time eating meals together with the whole family is an important event and valuable time for all. The better it is that your little sweetheart is provided with the BabyBjörn highchair which ensures that s/he can enjoy their meals together with you at the table.

The highchair has been developed in close collaboration with parents and paediatricians and is suitable for your little one from an age of approx. 6 months (as soon as your darling is able to sit unaided) up to an age of approx. 3 years (max. body height 95 cm). The highchair can also be adapted to the current size of your growing child.

Thanks to the embracing, curved backrest your child can sit upright and in a comfortable way. The adjustable, shell-shaped table top can be used as tray or safety bar which prevents your little one from standing up or dropping out. You don’t even need to secure your child with a safety-belt and the two-level safety lock cannot be opened neither by your sweetie nor by older siblings. Due to the highchair’s special shape, it is particularly easy for you to put your child in the seat and lift him out of it again. The table top of the high chair features a smooth surface and has no slits or cracks in which leftovers could be stuck – that way, you can easily wipe it clean by using a damp cloth. Furthermore, the table top is positioned close to your little one’s belly which prevents leftovers from falling onto its lap. The table top is dishwasher-safe. All these features make the BabyBjörn highchair stand out as a very hygienic companion.

The materials used for this highchair (plastic and varnished steel) is easy-to-care, resilient and durable as well as PVC-free and BPA-free. Due to its space-saving shape and convenient handling you can fold and store the highchair in a quick and easy way. That way, your little one is provided with a safe and comfortable seat wherever you go. Please make sure that the safety lock is always closed properly before your child is put into the seat. Furthermore, you should never leave your child sitting in the chair unattended or without supervision. That way, you can feel reassured that your little one is safe so that you can enjoy having all your meals together.


  • Suitable for babies and infants from approx. 6 months up to an age of 3 years (max. body height 95 cm)
  • Childproof, two-level safety-lock
  • Curved backrest which embraces the body of your child
  • Adjustable, easy-to-clean (safety) tray
  • Smooth surface without slits or cracks in which leftovers could be stuck
  • Resilient, durable materials, PVC-free and BPA-free
  • Weight: approx. 5 kg
  • Weight during use: 83 cm
  • Height/width/depth folded: 50 x 44 x 25 cm
  • Effortless installation without any tools


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    Baby Björn
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    Powder pink/Grey

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