The Britax Römer Safety Kit consists of 3 parts and provides additional protection in the car
Britax Römer

Britax Römer 安全保護套件

The Britax Römer Safety Kit consists of 3 parts and provides additional protection in the car, 閱讀全文 >

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Britax Römer Safety Kit “Protect – Shade – See”

This great complete safety set by Britax Römer contains almost everything you need for a safe ride in the car with your little one. It is specially designed for rear-facing child car seats and infant car seats (not included in the delivery).

The car seat protector prevents your car seat’s upholstery from getting stained or damaged and is suitable for child car seats that are belted and equipped with ISOFIX. At the same time, the car seat protector functions as a backrest protection with convenient pockets for toys, bottles or snacks and protects the car seat against dirty little shoes. The two self-adhesive window shades keep away harmful UV rays and protect your little one from direct sunlight. They are equipped with a sun protection UVP 30+ and a unique adherence design. The entire reverse sides of the window shades are coated and attach themselves firmly to the car window. This makes them easy to attach and reposition. Furthermore, there are no suction cups that might blind or block the view.

The extra-large convex mirror (mirror surface: 25 x 15 cm) enables you to keep an eye on your little one who sits safely in the back seat. The swivelling attachment offers an expanded view of your baby irrespective of the angle. The mirror can easily be attached to any headrest.

The Britax Römer safety kit "protect - shade - see" provides you with the true all-rounder amongst all security sets!


  • Extra-large convex mirror
  • Two window shades - UPV 30+ protection protects against harmful UV rays
  • Car seat protector prevents the interior of your car from being stained and damaged
  • Extra-large convex mirror with swivelling attachment provides expanded view of the baby irrespective of the angle. Attachment to each head rest is possible.
  • Car seat protector is suitable for belted car seats and car seats with ISOFIX


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