You can upgrade your sports stroller with the Gesslein-Loop system


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Gesslein 帶頭枕推車坐墊 673 2016 - 大圖像
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Gesslein 帶頭枕推車坐墊 設計式樣: 673 · 2016

You can upgrade your sports stroller with the Gesslein-Loop system, 閱讀全文 >

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Gesslein Loop Seat Pad including Headrest 設計式樣: 673 · 2016

The high-quality seat pad Loop including headrest by Gesslein is perfect for creating a unique look for your Gesslein stroller. The wide range of Loops offers plenty of possibilities to use this convenient companion, for instance, as a secondary seat pad you can change whenever you feel like. Great colours and patterns have something for everybody so that you will definitely find something that suits you and matches your stroller perfectly.

This exclusive seat pad consists of a high-quality cellpur core which is a special kind of foam material made of Tencel fibres. The core of this mattress works as a cache for moisture before quickly wicking it away – that way, climate regulation and a comfortable atmosphere are created as if by magic. The soft padding provides the perfect spot for your little explorer to feel safe and comfy while being supplied with maximum seating and lying comfort. Additional protection in the head section is provided by the turned-down, padded head area as well as the matching sturdy headrest. When not in use, you can easily detach this extra headrest.

Attaching the seat pad is very simple – simply put the Loop on the seat unit, guide the harness through the built-in belt slots and it is ready for your little one to enjoy just another exciting stroll. Another highlight of the seat pad Loop is the cuddly soft comfort material on the back of it. On cold days, you can easily reverse the Loop so that your little one can cuddle up on the cosy side.

Furthermore, the Gesslein seat pad Loop is also suitable for being used as cellpur mattress for your Gesslein soft carrycot. That way, a you can use this trendy companion for a very long time and supply your child with optimum lying comfort right from the very first day.

Create your very own and unique look with the beautiful designs and colours of Gesslein seat pad Loop including its convenient headrest.

Please note: The Gesslein Loop system is only suitable for the Gesslein F-range as of 2011.


  • Available in various designs
  • Suitable for all Gesslein models from the F-range
  • Including detachable headrest and armrests
  • Material: cellpur core made of Tencel fibres, washable at 30°C
  • For reversing: comfy material on the back
  • Dimensions: approx. L 76 cm x W 27 cm + additional 11 cm on each side for the head section


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