The footmuff Sleepy by Gesslein is a footmuff for the whole year and usable for carrying bags, sport stroller and baby car seats


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Gesslein Sleepy 腳袋 設計式樣: 807000 · 2018

The footmuff Sleepy by Gesslein is a footmuff for the whole year and usable for carrying bags, sport stroller and baby car seats, 閱讀全文 >

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Gesslein Footmuff Sleepy 設計式樣: 807000 · 2018

Being an all-round companion, this footmuff turns out to be the ultimate highlight for your stroller! It protects your child in any season and keeps him warm and cuddled up wherever you go. Just like in mom’s tummy, your little one will feel embraced and protected by the Sleepy right from the very first day. The footmuff is suitable for being used in the carrycot, in the infant car seat, in the pushchair as well as in the buggy.

The microfiber-like material contributes to the temperature balancing features of this cuddly nest. The warming hollow fibre is perfect for winter. Brave the weather by using the convenient drawstring that tightens the footmuff and thus creates a mummy-like shape which adds even more protection and cosiness for your child. The blanket that can be folded up so that is works like a windbreak, provides a protected area with maximum comfort for your child. In the transition period between the season or in summer, you can easily remove the blanket so that only the soft and comfortable seat insert which can be used as a moisture-absorbing pad that contributes to a pleasant ride for your child, is left.

Three built-in belt slots make attaching the footmuff particularly easy. The Sleepy can also be machine washed at 30°C so that is stays hygienic and clean.

Make your choice – you can get the Sleepy in a design that matches perfectly with all Gesslein strollers we offer. Due to the plain colours, you can mix and match so that you can create you very own and individual look.


  • Available in various designs
  • Suitable for all carrycots, infant car seats, pushchairs and buggies independently from the manufacturer
  • Warming in Winter, protecting in the transition period between the seasons, moisture-absorbing pad in summer
  • Features shape of a sleeping bag and can be folded to a small size
  • Mummy-like shape
  • Windbreak can be folded up
  • Material: microfiber-like with hollow fibre filling, machine washable at 30°C
  • Dimensions: L 105 cm, head section W 45 cm, foot section W 40 cm
  • Made in Germany


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