The Gesslein carry cot C3 is quickly and easily clicked to the pushchair frame* Suitable for the Gesslein modell F2 and F4


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Gesslein 提籃 C3 設計式樣: 279279 · 2013

The Gesslein carry cot C3 is quickly and easily clicked to the pushchair frame, Suitable for the Gesslein modell F2 and F4, 閱讀全文 >

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Gesslein Carrycot C3 設計式樣: 279279 · 2013

The carrycot C3 by Gesslein supplies the youngest and smallest member of your family with a safe and comfortable spot to cuddle up and relax in.

The carrycot features a high-quality Cellpur® foam mattress by the Austrian manufacturer Träumeland which provides superb lying comfort for you child. The soft cover of the mattress is made of thermo-regulating material on which your child will feel exceptionally well in every season. The C3 is lined with the matching soft and cuddly baby nest Loop which provides cosiness at all times.

A large canopy that can be folded back with only one hand, protects your little one from direct sunshine and wind. Another great feature of the carrycot C3 is that it comes with a blanket that can be buttoned. This blanket features a practical, large wind shield which can be used as a visual cover, too.

The spacious carrycot C3 also comes with high and sturdy side parts and can be attached to and released from the chassis of your pram in a quick and easy way. As a practical addition, we recommend you to get the basic adaptor (not included in delivery!) which elevates the lying position and thus supplies your child with a better view and you with less stress in your back. In order to help you ease the installation of the carrycot, it comes with marks on the sides – this way, you can attach the C3 in no time at all. There is no easier way for new parents!

Furthermore, the Gesslein carrycot C3 can be folded to a space-saving size so that you can transport it easily.


  • Age suitability: right from birth and up
  • Suitable for all Gesslein F-range prams
  • Can be combined with Gesslein basic adaptor (not included in delivery!) for elevated position
  • Including Cellpur® foam mattress with thermo-regulating cover
  • Blanket can be buttoned and used as a wind shield
  • Sturdy carry handle, reflectors, marks on the side
  • Canopy can be adjusted with only one hand
  • Spacers in the bottom section
  • Foldable
  • Baby nest Loop, washable at 30°C
  • Size lying surface: 76 x 36 cm
  • Weight (depending in fabric) approx. 4,2 kg


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