The Geuther high chair Tamino is simply unique, a true all-rounder - stable, tilt-proof and suitable for everyday use.

Geuther 餐椅 Tamino 設計式樣: Natur · 2020

The Geuther high chair Tamino is simply unique, a true all-rounder - stable, tilt-proof and suitable for everyday use. 閱讀全文 >

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Geuther Highchair Tamino 設計式樣: Natur · 2020

Look, what this versatile companion is able to do! The Tamino by Geuther is a unique, all-round highchair which is sturdy, tilt-resistant and particularly useful for mastering everyday life with a child easily.

The fashionable staircase highchair which is made of high-quality solid beech wood, is particular flexible and can be adapted perfectly to your little one’s needs. The ergonomically shaped safety bar can be attached to and released from the highchair by using the convenient click-system. That way, getting in and out of the chair is much easier.

The additional protection which is provided by the safety bar is particularly important for rather temperamental children.

The optimized ergonomic seat of Geuther’s highchair Tamino ensures perfect, age-appropriate seating comfort.

The backrest, seat unit and foot board can be adapted perfectly to the size of your little sunshine.

The multi-functional highchair is very sturdy and made of high-quality materials only.

Security and safety for your child is Geuther’s top priority.

In order to ensure maximum stability and safe support, the Tamino has been equipped with an elegant metal bar which does not only look stylish but – slim as it is – won’t become a trip hazard or any other kind of safety risk.

The Geuther highchair Tamino accompanies the growth of your little darling without the hint of a compromise. Useful accessories enable you to use the highchair right from the start and up until your little one reaches elementary school age.

Being equipped with a food and play tray (not included in delivery) is perfect for using the Tamino independently of any table. That way, you can use it flexibly everywhere you like.

Babies love to be close to their parents. The Geuther highchair Tamino is also suitable for attaching the Geuther baby bouncer Rocco (not included in delivery) to it.

The conversion is done easily and in less than no time. Simply remove the backrest of the Tamino and attach the custom-fit adaptor (not included in delivery) to the armrests. After removing the baby bouncer’s base by the touch of a button, you can easily fasten the Rocco on it with only a click. That way, a comfortable and safe recline area for your little darling is created.

Your little sunshine will be part of the family life from the very first day and won’t be separated from the rest of the family when having meals.



  • High-quality staircase highchair, particularly ergonomic seat
  • Sturdy and safe
  • Multi-functional and versatile
  • Material: solid beech wood with powder-coated metal
  • Including safety bar which is to be installed via an easy click system
  • Seat height and foot board can be adjusted
  • Stylish metal bar as additional protection
  • Very long working life
  • Convenient handling, can be adjusted and converted without using any tools
  • GS-mark (tested safety)
  • Made in Germany
  • Please note: newborn insert, food and play tray, Geuther baby bouncer Rocco, adaptor and other accessories are not included in delivery!


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