Haba ball track Kullerbü „Huge alley track” – This toy does not leave anything to be required.

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Haba 滚球轨道玩具„大轨道拉力赛“

Haba ball track Kullerbü „Huge alley track” – This toy does not leave anything to be required. 閱讀全文 >

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Haba Ball Track Kullerbü „Giant Rally Track“

The versatile Haba Ball Track Kullerbü “Giant Rally Track” is one of the top toys and an absolute must-have for every child’s room.

The Track features a ball called Paul sitting on a high column. Then he starts running down the flag ramp, speeding up in the first steep bend and passing the optical wheel. On it goes through the second steep bend down the big dipper ramp. The final steep bend gives Paul some more speed so that he hits the home stretch fast and makes the domino tiles at the end of the track topple.

Up to three more balls can be sent down the track. As soon as the brightly coloured balls pass different elements they are set in motion: the little flag starts waving excitedly and the optical wheel spins happily. Soon, your child’s delight will rub off on you as parents and you will spend many happy hours building tracks and watching balls running down the tracks together.

Various components made of beech wood and elements with special effects made of ply contribute to the track’s feature as a long-lasting, durable and solid toy for many happy and exciting childhood years. The flexible connecting elements and the yellow bends are made of plastic.

Plug it, click it, and you’re ready to begin! The smart click-system makes it super easy for you to build up the ball track. Its connecting elements provide maximum stability – whether that be down on the ground or further aloft.

The Haba Ball Track Kullerbü “Giant Rally Track” can easily be extended with any other Kullerbü Ball Track and thus offers endless fun while playing and experimenting with many different components.

Tested for safety – made in Germany!

Product details:

  • Large ball track set
  • Safe and risk free fun game suitable from two years onwards
  • Smart click-system, easy to build up
  • Extendable with any other Kullerbü Ball Track
  • Made in Germany
  • Including 4 balls
  • Material: beech, ply, plastic


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