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Car Seat duallo™ 設計式樣: Carribbean · 2017

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Joie Car Seat duallo™ 設計式樣: Carribbean · 2017

The versatile features of the Joie Car Seat duallo™ offer both comfort and safety for children of any age group.

Group/ weight category:

  • Group 2/3
  • Suitable from approx. 3 to 12 years
  • Suitable for children weighing 15 to 36 kg

Conforms to the norm:

  • ECE R44/04

This colourful companion transforms every ride in your car to an exciting adventure. The individually adjustable seat is suitable for children from approx. 3 years onwards and has been designed to grow with your child. It grows both in height and width, since when adjusting the headrest, the side wings adapt accordingly and thus always fit your little one. The seat’s comfy seating surface makes every child from 3 to 12 enjoy riding in this seat. The duallo’s™ headrest that can be adjusted in 11 different levels as well as the seat’s depth that can be adjusted in 3 different positions offer a cosy spot to cuddle up.

Due to the Guard Surround Safety™ side impact protection that is to be activated on that side of the seat that faces the door of your car, your little one’s head, chest and neck are well-protected at all times. In combination with the all-round protection that is guaranteed by the multiply-layered safety concept of the seat, all important features regarding safety and protection while driving are fulfilled.

All parents prefer a quick and easy attachment. With the integrated Isosafe-connectors with easy-release lock installing the car seat while being provided with additional safety is done in no time at all. The connectors can be adjusted in 10 different levels and thus fit any car. Optionally, you can also fasten the car seat with your car’s own seat belt.

No matter if you are facing a long car journey in summer or winter your little one will always feel super comfy in this car seat. The duallo’s™ breathable, comfortable padding of both seating surface and backrest as well as the integrated air ventilation system in the seat’s shell make any trip a relaxed one.

Please note: The Joie Car Seat duallo™ has been tested by the leading German consumer safety group “Stiftung Warentest” and scored with 1,9 (resp. “B”).

Product details:

  • Installation in forward facing mode
  • Attachment with 10-fold adjustable, foldable Isosafe-connectors with easy-release lock or with car’s own seat belt
  • All-round protection incl. independent activation of side impact protection Guard Surround Safety™
  • Headrest can be adjusted in 10 different levels, auto-adjust™ side wings adjust accordingly; seat depth adjustable in 3 levels
  • Breathable and comfortable padding
  • Easy-care and non-toxic cover
  • Size: 45 – 52 x 52,5 – 55-5 x 62,5 – 82,5 cm
  • Weight: 6,5 kg


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