* The NUK First Choice + vented teat made of Silicone is tested for harmful substances, BPA-free, tasteless, and extremely durable. Size 2 suitable for babies from 6-18 months
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NUK First Choice+ 矽膠奶嘴2號 (六到十八個月) 2017 - 大圖像
Made in Germany
NUK First Choice+ 矽膠奶嘴2號 (六到十八個月) 2017 - 大圖像 1 NUK First Choice+ 矽膠奶嘴2號 (六到十八個月) 2017 - 大圖像 2

NUK First Choice+ 矽膠奶嘴2號 (六到十八個月)

The NUK First Choice+ teat is made from high-class silicone. It is natural shaped and orthodontic. 閱讀全文 >

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NUK First Choice+ anti colic teat, silicone – size 2 (6-18 months)

The NUK First Choice+ teat is made from high-class silicone. It is natural shaped and orthodontic.The NUK First Choice+ teats are made Pollutant tested, BPA-free, tasteless and extremely durable in Germany according to strict security guidelines. All mothers who like to combine breastfeeding and bottle-feeding then the NUK First Choice+ teat is the best choice. Through its special natural shape very like newborn babies the unique NUK silicone teat. Through its new flexible and special soft zone the baglet of the unique silicone teat adapts still better to the palate of your little sunshine. That makes the natural drinking sensation more realistic.

The improved anti-colic air system prevents painfully newborn colics. It ensures a natural flow and your little star can continue drinking, without swallowing air.

Product overview


  • NUK First Choice+ teat from silicone
  • size 2 from 6-18 months available in hole size S, M, L
  • optionally small perforated - useful for tea and mother milk (hole size S) or
    medium fine perforated - useful for milk food (hole size M)
    or large perforated – useful for viscous food like pap or juice (hole size L)
  • material and manufacturing according to the highest standard of quality “Made in Germany”
  • package contents: 2 pcs.


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