The Book Plus by Peg-Perego offers perfect comfort and an easy handling.


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Peg-Perego 兒童推車 Book Plus Sportivo 設計式樣: Bloom Navy · 2017

The Book Plus by Peg-Perego offers perfect comfort and an easy handling. 閱讀全文 >

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Bloom Navy

Peg-Perego Book Plus 設計式樣: Bloom Navy · 2017

The Peg-Perego Book Plus combines easy use, trendy design and maximum comfort and is thus the perfect companion for mastering everyday life with a toddler.

The slender chassis that comes with ball bearing wheels and rear wheels with telescopic suspension that provide a smooth run and level out any irregularities of the surface you are driving on. The Easy Drive System contributes to the pushchair’s easy manoeuvrability, so that it masters even 360° curves. Depending on the surface you can also lock the front wheels and gain some extra stability.

The innovative folding mechanism folds the pushchair quickly to a compact and small size – just like a book. When folded you can pull the Book Plus like a trolley – perfect for traveling by car, bus or train. A real highlight is the reversible sports seat that can be attached in a forward facing or rear facing mode. This way you can decide whether your little one faces you or explores the world around.

The Peg-Perego Book Plus is equipped with a large seating and lying surface. If your little one wishes to rest or take a nap you can easily adjust the backrest to a full reclining position. To add some more comfort, you can also adjust the footrest in two different ways. A five-point harness as well as a safety bar prevent your little one from falling out of the buggy. In order to make climbing in and out of the Book Plus as simple as possible you can either remove the safety bar or open it to one side. Another great feature is the large canopy that protects your child in sun and wind. A real treat for mom and dad is the height-adjustable, ergonomically shaped push bar that adapts perfectly to your size – no more back complaint. Furthermore, you can easily push the Book Plus with only one hand.

The cover can be removed and washed by hand at 30°C.


  • Items delivered: Book Plus-chassis + carrycot incl. canopy and rain cover
  • Embossed Collection: trendy fabrics, wipeable
  • Design-chassis
  • Large ball bearing wheels, rear wheels with telescopic suspension, lockable swivel front wheels
  • Reversible seat unit in either a forward facing or rear facing mode
  • Extra-high and adjustable push bar (78 to 109 cm)
  • Parking brake on both rear wheels
  • Innovative folding mechanism, one-hand fold, like a book
  • When folded buggy is free-standing and can be used like a trolley
  • Incl. safety bar and “easy-load” basket
  • Five-point harness
  • 4-fold adjustable backrest, 2-fold adjustable footrest
  • Removable cover; Washing by hand at 30°C
  • Size open: 59 x 106 x 94 cm; size folded without sports seat: 59 x 85 x 35 cm
  • Weight 10,3 kg
  • Made in Italy


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    Bloom Navy



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